Tom Ford, you make some of the most opulent cosmetics. Your lipsticks are more like works of art, decked in gold tone and glamour. One such beguiling beauty is their ’Dressed to Kill’ lipstick. A neutral red with a slightly pink element and on the warm spectrum. Thanks to the satin finish, this lipstick will […]

Pink blush, it does not matter how hard I try to experiment. To broaden my horizons, but I have to admit that I will alway gravitate to pink. A flush of warmth to the cheeks that never dates and compliments most skin tones. One such pink is Burberry’s Beauty Light Glow (No5 Blossom Blush). Since […]

Oh Nars, you are spoiling us. So what do I have for you lovers of lipsticks today. Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red. As a gentle note to cosmetic companies high end and high street. Please include more biographic information on your iconic products. It just makes life better for us nerd. Alas, what […]

As a fan of heritage handbag companies, it may seem strange that Goyard has only just featured in the sphere of Handbag-Fetishist. True, it ticks many of the boxes that appeals to my love of handbags of yore. A brand that has been in existence since 1858, making it older than Louis Vuitton by one […]

Part of the beauty of blogging, is the never ending discovery of brands that I would never think to try. One brand that is coming more into the foreground in Burberry. That iconic British brand, better known for their bags and checks. So in researching their makeup range, I had to see what red lipsticks […]

Released in 2015. This Foundation Balm includes not only a comfortable long wearing foundation that coats the skin in just enough coverage to hide any flaws. An SPF of 15 ; in my opinion more foundations, primers, moisturisers and any other product on the base spectrum should include SPF protection. As the title suggests, the […]

Want more retro inspired cosmetics? Became is here and they will save you from modern fads with mention of pseudo celebrities flogging whatever is popular now. ne such offering is their Wild Orchid Lipstick (1952). Released around 2017, this faithful recreation of popular lipsticks from the early 1950’s. A deep fuchsia satin finish with a […]

Call me a crotchety old mare, but if there is one beauty trend that I have never been impressed with; It would be contouring. Granted part of the problem is that I cannot actually contour myself. Maybe if I was part of the cult of contouring, I would have softer feelings towards it. Also I […]

Want more affordable red lipsticks? Maybe even one recommended by Rouge Queen Dita Von Teese? Here comes Wet N Wild Stoplight Red (911D). Though available in Boots and Superdrug, for some strange reason Wet n Wild is not so well advertised. Not sure why, as they appear to be a decent budget-friendly brand that is […]

With great research comes great discoveries. If one wants a single sweep of colour of the eyes but cannot be bothered to brushes. Especially if going away and want to save some space. This could be worth a butcher’s. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour. Released in 2011 A cream eyeshadow in stick form( the […]