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Theda Bara: The First Vamp of the Silver Screen

Hollywood has always loved a beautiful woman and there have been MANY stunning women who have illuminated cinema goers for over a century. But who was the very first screen siren? Well that honour goes to Theda Bara (her name is an anagram of Arab Death), in her, was an exotic femme fatale who could […]

Tatiana Gerusova: Procurer of Femme Fatales

Few people can resist the charms of a Femme Fatale. The red lipstick, stockings, garter belts, high heels, black gloves (or just lots of black in general), it is a timeless and powerful image.  A deeply fetishised appearance that never loses its intended impact, so if you can find someone who can capture this dangerous […]

The Leopard’s Spots

Not so much of a rant, more pondering really.  The question on my mind today; can you truly trust a lothario/cheater? If you knew that someone, who you find charming and attractive, was a love’em and leave ’em type would you still get involved? This is a question that has often made me personally wonder. […]

Bed Time Reading

There are many erotic/pornographic reads, some fine, some not so fine, some even are laugh out loud ridiculously clichéd. These are my personal favourites and hopefully they too will provide plenty of pleasure. Anais Nin- Delta of Venus The undisputed Queen of Erotica, Nin regales the reader with several short (but wonderfully rich) stories. Her […]

Elsa Schiaparelli: When Surrealism met Haute Couture

Elsa Schiaparelli was one of the most renowned fashion designers of the 20th Century. Born 1890 in Rome. This Italian trailblazer broke all conventions and rules at the time and even imbued her clothes with humour (the bra picture is a nice example), this was largely due to her appreciation of the surrealist movement. While […]

Coveted Bag: Givenchy Antigona Bag

This bag is named after the opera Carl Orff opera Antigonae. It comes in a variety sizes but I am biased towards the smallest version. Had never showed much interest in the bag previously, however I came across one purely by chance and I must say that it is better up close. The leather is […]

Coveted Bag: Yves Saint Laurent Uptown Bag

As a petite woman, it is impossible to not be aware of proportions and being ‘swapped’ by huge shapeless bag that make one look like you are a child playing dress up. At 28 I am simply too old for that shit! So the YSL Uptown bag hit the mark as far as being proportional […]

Coveted Bag: Christian Dior Samourai 1947

Had for a while wanted to truly dwell and obsess over my fetish for handbags (the name of this page should have been a bit of a clue). Please note that the word fetish actually mean to worship an object with a religious reverence, like icons, totems, amulets etc. These item were believed to have […]

Olivia De Berardinis: Cheesecake, Geishas and the Female Form

One of the finest Cheesecake Pin up/Erotic artist living, she is the only true contender for filling the void left by iconic pinup artist Alberto Vargas. Although like Vargas she does create compositions of various beauties, she has painted Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese, Masuimi Max, Claire Sinclair, Catherine D’lish and other pin up/Burlesque stars. She […]

If these people were imprisoned under the Earth, I would be so grateful

Pippa Middleton By Christ she is a talentless nobody, and dare I say it, I think her arse is nothing extraordinary. The only reason anyone knows who she is, is because her sister has married into the most dysfunctional family in England. In part it not her fault, the relentless coverage of her love life […]