Anne Rice and her Supernatural New Orleans

One of THE most evocative writers

Literary New Orleans

By Allison Siegel

Anne Rice was born October 4, 1941, in the Irish Channel section of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She was the second of four daughters born to parents Howard and Katherine O’Brien, who originally gave her the name Howard Allen O’Brien, but she changed it to Anne in the first grade because she hated it so much (“Rice, Anne”).  Her interest in writing appears to be inherent because both of her parents pursued creative writing in their spare time when away from their actual jobs.  Rice described her childhood family dynamic as something like the Bronte sisters, everyone always telling each other stories and making up fantasy worlds.  Her mother often often told Anne ghost stories that related to the mysticism of New Orleans.  This sparked Rice’s obsession with the odd, leading her to an enjoyment of wandering around graveyards and watching horror movies as pastimes as a young…

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