Current Fascination: Oddities


Has often thought that most program’s about antiques are, well, tedious, boring and full of pompous ‘experts (the fact that David Dickinson, a convicted fraudster who bathes if Orangeade, can find success in this medium is baffling). Not only that, maybe this is only me; has wanted to see the other side of antiques, The more strange, darker and funnier the better. For many years it has been too nice, too twee, what about the more unusual items from history. Since I was a young child, I have loved history, how things started, who started them etc and have found that if you have a passion for it anything can be made interesting (with a helping hand from the Horrible History books, which may help explain the fascination with the grislier side of the past, more on that another time).

Now I have the solution, Oddities (can be caught on Watch channel), set around Obscura, a shop specialising in antiques and curios (taxidermy, medical equipment, skulls, straight jackets, mummified cats, shrunken heads, necklaces made of human teeth etc). You get to follow the shops owners Mike and Evan as they try to source their unique clients (including Dita Von Teese, Elvira, Jonathan Davis and Chloe Sevigny).  Must also mention their rather handsome  buyer Ryan Cohn, a rather dapper dish of a man, with extensive tattoos and a VERY extensive collection of taxidermy and skulls and articulated skeletons. Personally I have learnt allot and have developed interests in some of these types of curios (more on those at a later date)

Obviously, this will not be to everyone’s taste,even I find something things featured gross (the art work made of belly button fluff was pretty awful). Still if you like weird things and some history thrown in, then give it a go. You will not be bored.


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