Are Women’s Magazine Misogynistic?

There are many forces it appears to bring women’s self worth, the fact that we don’t have equal pay plus the fact that we are bombarded with images of skinny bitches and told that this is perfection itself. But never mind there is a place where we can turn to to, where we can be catered to, understood and encouraged to be the best we can. Say a publication about women, written by women?  WRONG!!

Regardless of the age demographic, all WM have the same content, a modern covergirl, airbrushed within an inch of her life, telling the world her struggle with perfection, at least one article about losing weight and how get the body of a nubile anorexic. (Why would you not want to look like her, she is perfect, you are not)  Then at least one article on sex ( typically on spicing up your vanilla sex life with a few extra positions to enhance your mans pleasure. Yours is an after though) or one about the ‘racy’ read 50 shades ( since that is the only book EVER written about sex).  Of course not forgetting the ultimate raison d’être… fashion and beauty!! Now they come into their own, promoting current trends and how they can make you look better (never occurs to them that you are happily with your own way of dressing) and how this new make up range will take years off you and be ‘on trend’. Beauty, is normally about how your tiny imperfections are so grotesque that no one will ever sleep with you/love you (here is some overpriced moisturiser to solve that or if you are hopelessly hideous them some surgery). Lets not forget work, or how that cow next to you wants your job and how you will beat her. So now you have been told that you are lardy, ugly, untalented and really don’t deserve to be happy. Thanks WM!!

The purpose of Women’s magazines can be summed in one word. Advertising. Thats it, nothing more. So in effect all they set out to do is tear your self esteem , they build you up with the help of what ever make up, products has been given the magazine for free by the big beauty/fashion designer. They don’t give a flying fuck about the problems affecting women both in UK and globally,  when has there ever been a hard hitting article exposing injustice and exploitation? Sure they are giving a brief mention to the more meaty issues like domestic abuse, rape, pay inequality etc. However even when they have attempted to give depth to their rag it still feels benign. The sad truth is that no publication type seeks to tear a woman’s self belief with such precision and covertly than mainstream WM. It just feels like they think all women want fluff and trivial dissections of what Kim Kardashian is wearing. That we are all Bridget Jones types neurotic messes (not implying that I don’t have neurotic moments). Women are simply more complicated and capable of greater depth, feeling, thoughts and desires then this simplified, patronising bollocks.

So what is the solution to this misogyny? should we protest, ask parliament to get the media’s act together? No just don’t buy them. Simply put you will save money and feels better about yourself. Know that this is a rather rambling rant, but would like end on this note, ladies you are beautiful, special, clever and fabulous as you are!


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