How To Lose Your Erotica Virginity

dita readingIt is a fact universally accepted that men, all men, around the world have a stash of pornography. They are visual creatures, don’t you know, they need to see things that they find arousing. Yet we rarely talk about the pornographic needs of women.  I know that there are women who enjoy classic 50’s pinups like Bettie Page and given that the majority of audience members of Burlesques are women. Has tried to resist mentioning the infamous ‘Fifty Shades’,(find it lacking in sensuality, badly written and characters so dull they make Ken Barlow and Deirdre look textured) however since it has taken off and women have appeared more open to admit to reading it, I feel compelled now that women are opening themselves up their own arousal, to bring enlightenment and fulfilment to the mass.  Ladies, if you want to view sexually stimulating images/scenarios then you do it! You are not a weirdo you are HUMAN, stand up and own your perversion!!! ( ps pervert should not be as a bad word, at least they make the world more interesting, nothing wrong with being an amiable perv). If anyone tries to shame you, they are probably so repressed they have to cover themselves up then they get out of the bath for fear of being offended by their own ‘obscene’ naked body.

If you want a gentle start, maybe feeling a bit self conscious. Go for a ‘non erotic’ book that has some well written sex scenes. Anne Rices Vampire Chronicles or her Lives of The Mayfair Witches, are an excellent choice and will it would appear that you are just into some supernatural fiction, you tell actually are enjoying a secret thrill (always a bonus!). If you want something from visual, The Borgias is not only a great series but there is plenty of graphic sex (if you like historic setting).

Personally I have never been shy about what I read in public; when I was 19 I was in a new job in a small office and during a break decided to read at my desk. As a petite woman I am used to people (men especially) making assumptions about me, that I am a delicate creature of even more fragile disposition.   A male colleague asked me what I was reading, expecting Martina Cole or Sophie Kinsella maybe. Instead the answer he got was…. Marquis de Sade!!

It can be a bit overwhelming deciding what you want to read as a out and out steamy opus, some covers can be a bit much if you are more reserved,  Anais Nin is one of the most famous authors of female based erotica and is a personal favourite of mine. Her style of writing is the perfect blend of sensual softness and graphic sex. If you are still unsure then go into any sex shop, there will have a well stock range of books for not only for ‘regular’ sex or if you want gay/BDSM prose, staff can advise you as and manuals so if you are inspired to be more adventurous then you can do it safely and hopefully get better at it! You can always order online if you are still not wanting to be caught going into Ann Summers, believe that you can a choose to have  a discreet packaging.

Fellas, I would encourage you to partake in enjoying erotica with your lady, ask her to read you a passage of her read. It can be very arousing and anytime you can include reading in your relationship, it can only be a good thing. Use erotica as a means to bond with your partner, maybe go shopping together for a ‘good night in’.


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