Ancient Exhibitionism: Sheela Na Gig

Sheela Na Gig is a Celtic carving of a woman displaying her vagina. While it is not exclusively Irish, the majority of Sheela Na Gigs are found in Ireland. They are typically found around churches, castle and other ancient buildings, believed to protect from evil spirits. Pagan imagery, from all over the world has rarely been shy about showing nudity as a natural state of being, although I am not aware of any other ancient depictions of female genitalia. To assert that these carving depict a pagan goddess is clearly a logical theory, however not much is known for definite.

exhibitionist sheela..PJ Harvey even wrote a song called Sheela Na Gig, where she repeats the line ‘you exhibitionist’ a fair comment I think! As a lover of history and erotica while it may not pretty or delicate, I like its primitive boldness. She is clearly proud of her vagina, and given that there is not much Vagina Pride, I applaud her!!!


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