If these people were imprisoned under the Earth, I would be so grateful

how aboutPippa Middleton

By Christ she is a talentless nobody, and dare I say it, I think her arse is nothing extraordinary. The only reason anyone knows who she is, is because her sister has married into the most dysfunctional family in England. In part it not her fault, the relentless coverage of her love life and monitoring her wardrobe changes makes her more irritating!  The fact that she was the replacement for Delia Smith in the Waitrose magazine demonstrates the attempted legitimacy of her uselessness.  If anyone believes that for one second she is involved in this farce is clearly a clinical moron!

Anyone from Reality TV/ Contest etc

While I am very cut off from who ever the current crop of talentless losers are. I can tell you that anyone who becomes famous from selling their lives (regardless of whether it is interesting or not) and then makes money from the subsequent book deal, fashion line etc; is a waste of space, energy and oxygen. Even though she meant to be super famous I am still not entirely sure who Kim Kardashian. I do know that had a sex tape out but that’s it. Even porn stars are superior these parasites, at least they have a job and a ‘craft’. It is quite tragic that it has becoming aspirational for young people to think that the way to get ahead is to play the drama queen or crying for the cameras and expect that alone will set them up for life. Sadly these poor plebs tend to disappear after a year and who really makes money out this system of cynical exploitation? Not the contestants, you cannot even say that RT empowers the wannabes, no it is the Simons Cowells and TV networks that reap the rewards.


When all the Sufferagettes; who gave their lives for the rights of women to be able to thrive in any career based on merit and talent alone, look down from heaven and see     the popularity of WAGS. They must be weeping and wondering why did we fucking bother? Even people who were on Britains got Talent have more merit then these glorified hookers. Please note this is not aimed at women who have a career prior to meeting their footballer and then fall in love with them. The issue is not what your partner does; it is that you choose to enjoy the privileges of success not through your own hard work and independence but base your whole identity is what your partner does.

Anne Widdicombe

This hateful, bigoted tights arse has spent much time desperate for publicity for too long and am surprised why we indulge. While I don’t agree with her politics, that is not the reason why I find her so offensive. What is so vile about her is that one she is an open homophobe (not a good start). Two she is a misogynist (peculiar for a woman but not so rare), her reason for leaving the Church of England to become a Catholic was in protest to the ordainment of women. Still what I find most repulsive about her is that she associates religious freedom with Christian Oppresion. Whether you are a Christian or not is not relevant to this arguement, if you truly believe in religious freedom you will want it for EVERYONE not just your own comfortable environment. The very fact that she sees equality for others as stopping her own bigotry has nothing to do the God, it just means that she wants the right to push her own views onto other people lives regardless of whether they want it or not. Personally I don’t care that religious persuasion you are, you are free to practice, think whatever you please. However if you feel that Gay marriage is hurting your liberty, or that a stranger having an abortion is so repellent that you are willing to interfere in a life that you have no intention of helping out with the child that she MUST keep or help her if she gives it up. Then frankly I would take a long hard look in the mirror and ask myself am I doing this for God or me?


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