Olivia De Berardinis: Cheesecake, Geishas and the Female Form

One of the finest Cheesecake Pin up/Erotic artist living, she is the only true contender for filling the void left by iconic pinup artist Alberto Vargas.

Although like Vargas she does create compositions of various beauties, she has painted Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese, Masuimi Max, Claire Sinclair, Catherine D’lish and other pin up/Burlesque stars. She has most recently created artwork for Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray .She also did the artwork for Courtney Love’s solo album ‘America’s Sweetheart’s (sadly as much as I admire Love, the artwork is the best thing about the whole record)

She is also a long term illustrator for Playboy magazine, so there is no shortage of inspiration and wiling model who desire to be immortalised outside of Hefner’s vision.While Olivia does not stray to far from the style of classic American Pin ups, she breathes a fresh, sensual softness that invigorates this style of art into something more erotic and feminine. If you cannot afford her pieces you can acquire her books, American Geishas, Let Them Eat Cheesecake, Her other Cheesecake Chronicles.

Olivia Pearls

Courtney love Olivia

Olivia DVT

Courtney love Olivia



  1. WOW! I didn’t know she did artwork for Courtney Love’s album. That is quite an interesting pairing. She should have done some for Gwen Stefani’s solo work. That would have been a match made in Heaven for me.

    1. Who knows what the future may bring. There are books of her work with various models, the Bettie Page ones are wonderful!

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