Coveted Bag: Yves Saint Laurent Uptown Bag

As a petite woman, it is impossible to not be aware of proportions and being ‘swapped’ by huge shapeless bag that make one look like you are a child playing dress up. At 28 I am simply too old for that shit! So the YSL Uptown bag hit the mark as far as being proportional and chic for me. Though its price tag is too high (£1,000 and upwards) I still salivate over its compact presentation and timelessness.(fads are a waste of time and money , so why pay couture prices for something that will be tossed aside in a years time?) Another problem is that of three section inside, only the central section of this bag is able to close completely. I have a big problem with bags that do not completely shut, take a bag like that into London and you are asking to be pick pocketed! So sadly Uptown and I have no future together, still that does not mean that one cannot fantasize about how good we would look together.

YSL black Uptown

YSL Red Uptown

YSL uptown blue


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