Coveted Bag: Givenchy Antigona Bag

This bag is named after the opera Carl Orff opera Antigonae. It comes in a variety sizes but I am biased towards the smallest version. Had never showed much interest in the bag previously, however I came across one purely by chance and I must say that it is better up close. The leather is so soft that you would end up caressing it lasciviously, the handle is proportionate and the zipper is so tough that it would withstand a nuclear blast. If you so desire there is a shoulder strap for the across the body look. Though it is structured, the inside is plentiful making it practical to boot.  Another timeless classic that will last forever, want something more suited for evening? They do do an Antigona clutch. Though clutches have a place like most things, I feel that the regular Antigona would be fine for night use.

Again another very pricey piece £1,200 and upwards,if I could afford this gem I would.

Givenchy Antigona blue

Givenchy Antigona Purple

Givenchy Antogina red


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