Bed Time Reading

There are many erotic/pornographic reads, some fine, some not so fine, some even are laugh out loud ridiculously clichéd. These are my personal favourites and hopefully they too will provide plenty of pleasure.

Anais Nin- Delta of Venus

The undisputed Queen of Erotica, Nin regales the reader with several short (but wonderfully rich) stories. Her use of sensual language and her genuine love of erotic touch/love shines and titillates from beginning to end. This is a true classic and would recommend EVERYONE give this read, you will not be disappointed.DeltaOfVenus

Anne Rice (Roquelaure)- Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

Written under the alias Anne Roquelaure, Rice finally crosses over into explicit, no hold bars pornography. Basically an erotic retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale (in case the title was not a huge give away), following Beauty’s journey from her father’s castle to her ‘capture’ to her own fulfilment. An exceptionally well crafted piece of erotic mythology.

Sleeping Beauty

Betony Vernon- The Boudoir Bible

Vernon has spent the last twenty years dedicated to erotic refinement with her Paradise Found Jewellery line, deliberately and delicately blurring the lines between beautiful jewellery and pleasure playthings. Now she has turned her passion of pleasure into a quest for all of us to have a fulfilling, sensual and uninhibited sexual lifestyle. While some of her suggestions may not be to everyone liking, she does present the ideal of consensual, satisfying and open minded relationships plus dismantling preconceived myths and taboos. Informative, imaginative and enlightened and a wonderful read to boot!

boudoir bible

While this is a small list, this is very much a work in progress so more will be on the way. Sure this is enough to whet your appetite during the weekend.



  1. Ahhh, I need to step out and read some Erotica. Thank you for the suggestions. Betony Vernon was on my list but I didn’t know about Ann Rice (Roquelaure) and didn’t think about Anais Nin. Sometimes life gets in the way of thought~

    1. True, life does get in the way. Maybe a cosy night in would be an apt time when you are in the right frame of mind and not tired?
      Always a pleasure to share wisdom and wanton. Will endeavour to recommend others that are up to the task.
      Happy Reading!

  2. Errantsatiety · · Reply

    Anne Rice is contemplating adding to the Beauty series… I hope she does!

    1. Please God I hope she does… Or maybe do an erotic version of Snow White! Can’t wait!

  3. Would love to try reading Anne Rice and Anais Nin 🙂

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