Irina Ionesco: Beauty in the Dark

In the mood for something erotic, gothic and fetishitic this weekend? (Of course, you tasteful perverts!), Parisian photographer Irina Ionesco has been lionising the female form with a dark edge for decades. One of the biggest controversies sparked were of her pictures of daughter Eva, posed in a style that in some would consider ‘child pornography’. I elected to not show these pictures, simply I believe that the ones included in this post are the best examples of her talent.

Irina Lonesco

Irena Ionesco Opium den

Irena Ionesco decadent

Irena Ionesco doll



  1. Errantsatiety · · Reply

    Delightfully delicious my dear. How I long for these eras…

    1. Enjoy till your heart’s content

  2. Very interesting. You prompted me to check out some of her other images including the ones with Eva. This reminded me of Balthus, though he worked in a different era. Balthus and Irina Ionesco ride a line tightly with their subject matter, then perhaps crossing that line. Again, interesting — still thinking about it.

    1. Apologises for my ignorance. Who is Balthus? Not sure how I feel about those Eva pictures, think Eva is an artist now. Believe that Irina is still working which is wonderful!

      1. Naughty boy… Still they are both mild compare to what they make little girls wear for those kiddie beauty pageant.

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