Femme Fetish Favourites

In mainstream style the word ‘fetish’, has an almost dirty connotation. As I have previously stated all it means to fetishize something is to worship something. So if you enjoy a particular item in fashion be it high heels, cashmere or buttoned down shirts then you are fetishizing it. The ironic part is that the typically feminine items like gloves, red lipstick and high heels; very conventional and non threatening are very popular in fetish fashion. So lets take the shame off of object worship and embrace the sensual. While some of these suggestions are not for everyone, it would be hard to find someone who would deem all these items as smutty of obscene.

Corset- For centuries if you wanted to enhance you child bearing hips and tiny waist then the corset was essential. This is definitely not for the faint hearted, you have to have you natural waist size reduced by three inches minimum! Plus it is an expensive fetish to have (a good corset starts at £100 and can go into the thousands easily). Still if you like the idea of a perfect hourglass figure then it is definitely worth it.


Red lips- If you are lazy like me and want something that is easy to use and creates an impact then red lipstick if the way to go. Personally I prefer the look of a more matte finish than an overly glossy one, but it is up to you. If you are unsure as to what one will suit your skin tone go to a make up counter like MAC and ask a professional for their advise.

indian pink lips

Stilettos- Do I really need to say anything about the obvious sex appeal of high heels? Honestly when in a sex pictorial have you ever seen a pouting siren wearing ballet pumps? For a truly fetishist look black is best but who will complain about seeing a foxy pair of red shoes? Exactly.

Fetish dream

Gloves- Definitely feminine and low effort. Long gloves are so very chic (short lace ones are not really right for this, as they remind me too much of Madonna before she learnt to dress properly. but that’s just my opinion). Leather gloves whether they are long or short are also an excellent choice.

Fatale TV

Red Nails- Have loved long nails for many years and while there are many colours to choose, red is the best for that femme fatale look. If long nails are not a viable option then short will suffice.


Black Lingerie-Now I am not suggesting that you will walk out of your house to the pub in black underwear (unless you are an exhibitionist), still a good foundation for any ensemble needs attention too. Some woman may not be comfortable in bras that show off your nipples or overly opulent undies, this is a safer but no less sexier. Bullet bras are particularly good and if you are lacking in the tit department then you want a conical boost to your cleavage! Or lace underwear will do the job.

Dita boots

Stockings-Basically an extension of the black lingerie idea, these have been a staple fetish since 50’s (hence why Bettie Page is featured). This is due they softness and the way the flatter your legs. If you want to further extend the seductiveness then include a gather belt or hold ups.

Lovely BP

Veiled Hat- Long since used by femme fatale to create an air of mystery and thanks to Dita Von Teese have made a revival. While it may not be an obvious choice, if you choose to play a femme fatale this will enhance your allure.

fetish hat

Leather or Latex- Probably the most high maintenance choice on this list. One; they are by their nature expensive, two latex can be unflattering, three it can be a bit intimidated to purchase such an obviously sexual outfit (if you are reserved). However if you are ready and willing to try, fetish shops are the best place to go find a suitable outfit. Camden Market has many to choose and House of Harlot in Holloway is a more couture option.

Dita Von Teese Leather



  1. Love corsets, hold-ups/stockings and red lipstick 😉

    1. The height of feminine beauty!

  2. Brilliant! Off to buy me some red lippy 🙂

    1. Do it, you foxy lady! X

  3. I disagree about latex. Having worn latex, it is flattering. It suctions you in, smoothes you out and hides imperfections. It is just hard and hot to wear. One very lovely British brand of latex clothing is Daniel James London (I mentioned it on my blog — look under latex). If you want the link – let me know 🙂
    You, Femme Fatale, You!

    1. Thank you, that would be nice! Us FF have to spread enlightenment!

      1. Daniel James London
        My blog: under clothing, tagged latex

        I have a Daniel James Pencil Skirt in Olive and a Hobble Skirt in Black — fun! I’ve worn them out, Vanilla, too. Unexpected and unique.

      2. Thanks again. Very nice, hope you can get the matching gloves too!

  4. delilahsangels · · Reply

    Haha apart from the hat, I’m proud to say that I observe all of these rules in daily life! Lovely read 🙂

    1. You are clearly a chic siren and I salute your effort! Well the hat is more a personal choice, inspired by the Queen of FF Dita Von Teese.

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