Niagara Detroit: Pulp Pop with a Pistol

Former singer for Destroy All Monster, Niagara Detroit’s true calling is her art work of colourful and dangerous dames.Think the technical term is low brow pop surrealism. Whatever the name it is, it is definitely the art of the most fabulously fallen women. Themes includes hard boiled, tough talking, femme fatales who would shoot down their lover and then pour themselves a dirty Martini. With influences from Chinese Opium Dens, feminist swagger, Bettie Page style pin ups and 30’s/40’s film noir dames. As you may already gather femme fatales, and fetishist elements are revered so I hope to spread the word about this fantastic broad!

pleasure denied

Happy gun

Detroit lipstick mark




  1. Errantsatiety · · Reply

    ooh I Just love her. Bring on the low brow! Thanks for sharing 😉

    1. You are so very welcome! Needs to have a exhibition in London.

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