Betony Vernon: Liberation through Sensuality

Does the idea of owning beautiful jewellery that can has a more sensual aspect tickle you? Then you need the services of sexual anthropologist, jeweller, author and designer extraordinaire Betony Vernon. Back in the early 90’s Vernon had the revolutionary idea to create items of beauty that can have an erotic function.

Her first line was Sado Chic, (was considered too hot at the time, now such BDSM couture is viewed as much more mainstream) featured petting rings and other objets of tactile pleasure. Some times the knowledge of a ‘naughty secret’ can make something feel even more special. My favourite is the Pearl ring (second picture down); while the ring is beautiful enough, the pearls can double as a tool for massaging the skin (add some oil obviously). If you were to see this ring, the erotic potential would not be apparent.

Now she has dedicated her life to the pursuit of pleasure without judgement, that pleasure is not only enjoyable occasionally but something to enjoy for your own health. Vernon is also the author of ‘The Boudoir Bible’ mentioned in my previous entry ‘Night Time Reading’. An intelligent, boundary breaking provocateur, my favourite kind of femme.

Betony Corset


Blue feather (BV)

Delightful (BV)



  1. I love Betony Vernon’s line. Beautiful items — I blogged about the nipple clamps and 18K Gold collar (uhh, desperate for either of them). Betony Vernon did a very unique video for a Show Studio Project – Body Parts. Her focus was the collarbone. I believe that she is Minerva in the video.

    1. She is Aphrodite incarnate!

    2. Thanks for the link

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