Birds of Paradise: Exquisite Plumage

Has decided to dwell on some of the natural wonders of the world. While the world we live in is often unkind and ugly, the planet we share is beautiful.  As far as simply extraordinary and exquisite creatures that appeal to the glamorous side of nature there is no other competitor. No rival to the dazzling prowess of the Birds of Paradise.

Found only in Papua New Guinea; there are multiple types of these magnificent birds and all have the most amazing plumage, surpassing the showiness of the Peacock. Not only do these birds have style but they are also capable of some dance moves that would impress Fred Astaire. So why do they need to go about their plumage? For the ladies, of course! When ever a female appears the male of her sub species performs for his life. Watching a male go to such effort to seduce his lady (some BOPs are capable of monogamy) is  fascinating, if only Homo Sapiens would put in such time and energy into their ‘displays’

For thousands of years the plumage of these birds were sought after by local tribes and for fashion (these fabulous feathers would make any lady appear to be the height of exotic glamour). Even to this day, the military still uses this rare plumage to wear on their uniform. Thankfully these days the wonderful birds have legal protection, however they are still endangered due to habit destruction.

Only the males possess the beautiful feathers and the smooth moves, female are quite dull in comparison with only brown colouring. However even they are not are breathtaking as the males, females have the true power in the battle of sexes. It is their pickiness that forces the males to come up with more and more interesting dances more amazing displays.


Dancing BOP

Golden BoP

Blue BOP Plummage


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