Coveted Bag: Christian Louboutin Croissant Bag

Christian Louboutin, the High Priest of sensual heels, what would satisfy any shoe fetishist. His trademark red soles are instantly recognisable and coveted by virtually all women and men who secretly desire to see their ladies in such sexy shoes. With all the attention on his shoes, his bags (yes they do exist) tend to be overlooked. The motive for this could be that his bags seem to concentrate on decorative evening bags that while beautiful are not so practical for the price. (Hundreds for a bag that maybe used twice, IS allot) There are some day bags that could be used on a more everyday basis, however if brutally honest are not so special. Of all the bags past and present, the focus of this blog is on this Loubi Croissant clutch bag. Now clutches can be tricky since they typically smaller in size and have no proper handles; meaning that even with a wrist band. The risk of losing your bag is far greater plus you cannot carry as much a regular shoulder bag (some bigger more everyday clutches are available).

While I do own a few clutches, they are mostly used as an evening bag and only on special occasions. I do like this clutch, even though it is restrictive inside, the clasp detail is fantastic. The sight of these towering heels can ONLY be the work of Louboutin. Fans of the Croissant include Carmen Electra and Dita Von Teese. Am I likely to save my pennies and buy this clutch. No. For the money I would rather have a bag that can be used more often and for multiple types of outings. Still this is handbag fantasy so why not salivate?

Christian Louboutin Croissant

Carmen Electra CL clutch

Croissant detail


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