Grace and Discipline

A recent fascination is the beauty of En Pointe. Seeing a Ballet dancer standing on her toes is the height of grace and elegance. There is also the discipline and time it takes for the dancer to train themselves to both balance and glide effortlessly. In some circles it has been fetishised, hence why ballet shoes can also be deeply desired in fetish circles (see middle picture). The pain element may also play a part in its appeal. If done badly the resulting disfigurement would terrible. Yes these are no good for walking in, still who said that is they only way to enjoy shoes? Seeing the first picture would imply that Christian Louboutin does Ballet pumps? Tragically no, these darlings are a regular pair of pairs owned by Dita Von Teese and her friend Christian Louboutin ‘red soled’ them. Alright for some!

DVT en pointe

Ballet CLbladed ballet



  1. Great minds think alike! I have a post coming up that hints at the line and beauty of feet in pointe shoes. I was lucky, I had “good feet” for pointe — but alas it is not Master’s or my fetish. XO

    1. How funny! Still no reason to not admire them, I cannot do en pointe myself. There is a video of the ballet dancer with the blades performing. Of all people to share it was Dita Von Teese on her Vimeo site XO

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