Coveted Bag: Louis Vuitton Soufflot Bag

Has loved Barrel Bags for a long time. They are a compact size but normally can fit the essentials in. Now I have never been a of Louis Vuitton, they are very expensive and find the LV monogram to be very tacky (the mystic of monograms has been forever ruined by seeing the chavs with cheap copies of whatever was the It bag of the moment). Having said that, I do like this style of this Soufflot bag plus the finish of the leather. When you are planning to spend thousands of pounds of a bag, no detail is too minor.

For once the femme in the picture with the desired bag is not Dita Von Teese, but the equally compelling Rose McGowan. Fans of McGowan may note that she is a BIG fan of the bag she has nicknamed her ‘log’, it the green one even appeared in an episode of Charmed. She has five of these bags (the only one missing for these pictures is her orange bag, since I don’t like orange it will remain missing) and it nice to see a celebrity use something over and over again rather than just use once and replace.

So, would I buy this bag if I was blessed with great wealth…. Unlikely, since I cannot bring myself to a own bag from a brand I have slated for years. If however I were to find a similar bag for a much cheaper price else where, you can be sure that I would knock over many a granny to get one.

Rose Green Log up close

Rose Mcgowan Yellow log

Red log up close

Rose mcgowan black log



  1. Japanese girls LOVE the LV monogram bags. I don’t really get it either.

    1. Think some people like them because it is obvious that they are carrying a high end bag.

  2. I really like this bag, too. It is clean, crisp and versatile. No logos for me — not interested in being a walking advert~

    1. I quite agree. When you see so many copies with big gaudy logos, the charm is lost. Why this style is not more popular I will never know. Plus Rose McGowan is fabulous!

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