Polly Morgan: Skin Merchant

Taxidermy has made a come back. During the Victorian Era it was a sign of status to have many a dead creatures stuffed and posed in ones home. For the past twenty odd years, the appeal of having say your former pet stuffed waned. I am not such a huge fan of taxidermy, it is an acquired taste and some pieces are a bit creepy.

However I am a fan if the taxidermist art of Polly Morgan. Based in East London, (where all the cool kids of the art scene and well all the cool crowd full stop) Morgan has played an important part in reviving this lost art. While the use of taxidermy is clearly nothing new, what sets Morgan apart is how she uses the creatures as one part of an overall piece of art. The first picture that shows a Robin on its back on a book, even if you don’t like the piece itself, I cannot help but marvel at the ability to pose the bird in that position. There is a definate skill to use remove the insides, manipulate the animal into the pose that you wish but not damages it or allow decay to set in. On a minor note that some may think is silly, I really like the glass cases used in the first two pictures. What is good to know is that the animals used are ethically sourced (Well cared for and died of natural causes), so if you are an animal lover like myself there is no conflict.

Polly Morgan Robin

PM ice cream

PM flying machine



  1. I like the birds with their final pose being set free from the cage~ Fly, Birdy, Fly!

    1. Nice to know that they are free, even in death!

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