Betty Brosmer: Killer Curves

In the 1950’s there were two pin up models, Bettie Page; who was the subject of my last entry. The other was Betty Brosmer.

Born on 10th August 1935. While Brosmer may not be as cultural iconic as Page, she was at one times she was the highest paid pin up model. She was ground breaking in that she was the one of the first models to receive royalties whenever her photos were published and copywriter her image. Even Page never reaped the rewards from her image quite like Brosmer. When you see her pictures it is easy to see her charm. Her voluptuous curves, tiny waist, tousled blonde locks and stunning features. She was almost like a blonde Jessica Rabbit. Typically I prefer brunettes, still it is impossible to look at Brosmer at not find her extraordinary enchanting. It would be nice to see her make the same type of resurgence that Page did.

Betty Brosmer

Betty B

Betty brosmer scarf



  1. Do you thinking that she use a corset to train her waist? It is amazing.

    1. Have a feeling she did not, but am not really sure. She did have a truly enviable figure!

  2. I have never heard of this woman before. She is lovely isn’t she? Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. You are very welcome, she was magnificent! If you like pin ups Dita Von Teese etc, she tends to mentions people who fits a curvy/glamourous/naughty criteria.

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