Coveted Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily

Dolce and Gabbana is not normally a designer that I take an interest in. For one they have seemed to be ‘over the top’ and fussy, plus the use of Leopard print has not helped entice me over to them. Having said that, the Miss Sicily bag is a surprising treat. Like most bags, it comes in a variety of sizes (petite for me). There is a great range of colours, finishes and fabrics. Miss Sicily is a comfortable size yet is still not bulky, a lovely throw back to more vintage styles of bag. A classic style that will not date and be passed on to the next generation. (if only we all had such generous relatives with a flare for the finer things in life) Dita Von Teese is one of many celebrities seen with Miss Sicily (in case it is not already obvious. I am a massive fan of Von Teese and yes she does have great taste in bags). Would I choose Miss Sicily for myself, well it is like all previous bags I have written about, it is very expensive (£1,200 and upwards). However in a dream world I would buy one, until then I can always fantasise.

D+G Miss Sicily

D+G white

back in black



  1. Ohhh! The third photo, that version of the bag is gorgeous with the chains and clean look of the lock. Who is carrying it? Is that Dita?

  2. Correct, that is Dita. She has about 5 of these bags, lucky dame!

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