Stephen Jones: The Man with his Head in the Clouds

For many years I have found the type of hats worn at weddings, days at the races etc to be criminally boring. Now there is no reason to wear the same tired, predictable hats, thanks to the haute milliner Stephen Jones. His exquisite, whimsical pieces may not be every day wear and really are for special occasions only, still he makes even popular styles of hats (fedoras etc) into something more ornate.

In addition to designing for his own label, he is also responsible for most of the exquisite head pieces for haute couture labels such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and John Galliano. Jones counts Dita Von Teese, Helena Bonham Carter and Joan Collins as his admirers. He has created custom pieces for Kylie Minogue’s ‘Showgirl’ tour and for burlesque dancer Immodesty Blaise’s rocking horse act (Last picture).

Good news for you cash strapped lovers of beauty and style, Jones has a line of hats and fascinators for Debenhams. Normally when a high end designer does a more accesible line, the results can be rather dull and disappointing. However Jones’ Debenhams range is actually quite good, hopefully I will be able to get my hands on one of his hats.

SJ duchess

SJ orchids

dita hat

Immodesty rouge



  1. Gorgeous!
    On a side note: There was a fabulous hat from Shaun Leane and Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen that had a birds nest with swarovski encrusted eggs, silver headpiece and gull feathers as wings. I was inspired to create something similar (more simple) to wear for a wedding with a Moschino sample dress and felt fabulous.
    A great hat is a forever accent piece that brings an exclamation point (!) to an outfit.

    1. Yes, they are wonderful. Philip Treacy has also done some beautiful pieces. How fantastic that you could create a hat from scratch! Was it difficult to do?

      1. Mine was simple. I built everything upon a thin metal headband. Threaded a bird’s nest on it, sprayed it with a shimmer of antique gold. Small eggs colored/wiped with a marker similar to the dress color (a suggestion from a costume designer) Clear lacquer and clear glitter for subtle shine. Hot glued the eggs to the nest. Worn to the side above my brow using a barrage of hairpins to hold it in place. Checked in with my milliner friend to make sure it wasn’t tacky looking. She gave me thumb’s up and a “go” to wear it.

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