Carmen Dell’Orefice: Silver Hair Enchantress

There is truth that the fashion industry is youth obsessed. If you browse the fashion magazines, media etc you would be forgiven for thinking the once you hit 30, you are not a desired person worth advertising to. Strange, giving that of people who buy haute couture are older women, not twenty somethings.

However there is a ray of hope for the rest of the population over the age the 30; hope has a name, Carmen Dell’Orefice. She is the oldest working supermodel, had her first Vogue cover aged 15 and has not stopped working since. Thats right, she has been modeling for over 50 years! Has been on countless magazines including Vogue, Harpers and W. She was also a muse for Salvador Dali. Twice Dell’Orefice attempted to retire from the modelling world.

Unfortunately she twice lost her money, once through the Stock market  and then she made the massive mistake of investing money with mega con artist Bernie Madoff. Which both encouraged her to return to modelling.

Is Dell’orrifice an advocate for ageing gracefully? No, she has never pretended to be, she readily admits to using Botox and Silicon for many years. Is it so terrible that a woman who does not want age takes measures to keep her from turning into a shrivelled old prune? Dell’Orefice is simply a woman who wants look like herself not a old woman. Lets be truthful here, plastic surgery is still in a taboo subject in some show business circles, denouncing the use of the surgeon’s knife and claiming that good diets and exercise alone gave their amazing face and body. Yet many are using botox, silicon etc and publicly denying it. Dell’Orefice is simply being honest. Regardless of her age or what she had done to her face, she is a striking, slender figure of a woman, with cheekbones that alone deserve a career.

CD Otherworldly

CD hat

Carmen DellOrefice red lips


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