Immodesty Blaize: V for Venus

If you want to see a truly great Burlesque show, the solution comes in the shapely form of Immodesty Blaize. Stripper extraordinaire, glamour advocate and voluptuous vixen. She has also written two novels (Following in the sequinned foot steps of legendary stripper Gypsy Rose Lee) plus she was the mentor for the burlesque episode of ‘Faking It’ and has been on This Morning discussing fashion. But don’t let that put you off.

This Brighton born buxom babe has some of the most delicious curves this side of the Atlantic, combine that with a fabulously glamorous appearance makes her simply irresistible. Channelling silver screen sirens such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Ava Gardner. Her acts include a striptease and climaxes with her writhing on a huge telephone (talk about a dirty phone call) and her rocking horse routine.

If you are wish to see more of Immodesty but there is no sign of her coming to you,  watch Alison Grist’s documentary ‘Burlesque Undressed’. Not only can you glimpse some of Immodesty acts, but she also narrates and produced it. A excellent documentary with history and foxy ladies taking off their clothes.

Immodesty Corset

Immodesty vamp

IB foxy


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  1. Ohhh! I am going to look for that documentary! Thank you!

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