Coveted Bag: Gucci Stirrup Bag

Gucci has always been one of those designer that frankly, I have found to be boring and uninspiring. Plus the classic monogram has been copied SO many times, I am tired of seeing it.

Having said that, I recently came across this gem (not sure how old this is, am not up to date with current trends). Now this is a style I can get behind. A chic vintage style bag, with a reasonable depth and petite friendly handles. There is also a subtle front section for some small storage. How much is this bag? Honestly I don’t know, if I had to guess £1000 and upwards would be my estimate. Would I be willing to purchase this Gucci bag? Unlikely, since I do not know if this bag is still available or how much it is. Too many questions and in the land of Handbag Gluttony, there are no question! However I believe that this style is so chic and useable that someone will create a more accessible version. Then I will hunt it down and have all for myself.

Gucci stirrup bag

Gucci II

Gucci Stirrup black



  1. The Gucci “Lady Stirrup” came out in F/W 2012. A black velvet version ran about $2300, leather $3500 and the black crocodile skin ran about $29,000. A very ladylike and structured bag. Tom Ford-ish~

    1. Thank you that info! Am not happy with the price, far too expensive. Still one can dream….

      1. I know — the prices of items I want are crazy. I have to admit that I am obsessive and lurk on eBay/Etsy. Sometimes I get a good break. This bag went on sale — but it was the velvet version.

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