Moschino: Kitsch Kind

Moschino is one of my favourite designers, they are not only feminine but fun. Sometimes with classical bags, regardless of how beautiful they are; you can get tired of seeing the same kind of style everywhere you go. This is especially bad when there is an ‘It’ bags (typically this means that everyone buys the same bag, original or copy and then ditch it after six months).If you are prepared to go for something more unusual, Moschino can help. Though they do not do staple bags like some of the other designers, they do have a unique style of handbags so you can find something that will put a smile on your face. The ones including in this entry are quite old, still I think they are fantastic.

If you like a bag to make you laugh (not to laugh at how hideous it is or how stupidly expensive), these gems are not only charming but can still hold a fair amount in.

moschino LB

Moschino maison bag

Moschino pastry



  1. I love Moschino — they cut for curvy (a future post about a favorite dress) and these handbags are fantastic! LOVE!

    1. If you can go the the Moschino shop in NY, it was WONDERFUL! Possible the greatest shop, nice staff, great pieces and exquisite custom furniture (chairs in the shape of evening bags etc)!

      1. That’s where the dress I will be talking about came from…XO

      2. Great minds think alike ha!

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