Coveted Bag: Chanel Mademoiselle Bag

Where Chanel bags are concerned, the 2.55 bag is the jewel of their crown. Having said that I believe there is another bag that has charm and has been treated a bit like an ugly duckling.

The Mademoiselle bag, is another classic style that Chanel is fond of, something that you never tire of nor date. Again the quilted look that features on the 2.55 is present here. The handles are a sufficient length to put over your shoulder, and since Mademoiselle is so compact, it could easily be used as an evening bag.

So, if I were to wake up tomorrow a zillionaire, would I buy this bag? Probably yes, It is compact but still useable for a everyday use. Stylish but not flashy. Oui, oui Mademoiselle.

Chanel Mademoiselle black

Chanel rouge

Chanel Mademoiselle evening



  1. I think that I like the 2.55 better~

    1. Think you can get more choice of sizes with 2.55. Still choosing between them is a brilliant problem to have!

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