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Gia Carangi: Yellow Roses on Her Grave

When you see a model giving you ‘attitude’ in a photo, you are not just seeing the model and whatever designer threads on her back. You are seeing the legacy of one of the first supermodels. Gia. Gia Marie Carangi was born into a materially comfort but emotionally lacking home on 29th January in Philadelphia, […]

Jessica Rabbit Lives! Vikki Dougan

Where cartoon pin ups are concerned there is no substitute to the feminine charms of Jessica Rabbit. So I am sure you would like to know who inspired the creation of the ultimate woman, Vikki Dougan. Not as famous as Bettie Page or some of the other 50’s models, Dougan worked for approximatly 10 years. […]

Coveted Bag: Loewe Amazona Bag

Spanish designer Loewe has been a constant presence in the worid of leather goods since 1846 (making it one of the oldest luxury leather companies in the world). With such a vast history, you would think that to choose just one bag would be nearly impossible. Having said that, the Amazona bag is such a […]

Ophelia Rises

Shakespeare has given us many great female character, the devious Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), quick witted Beatrice (Much Ado about Nothing) and naive Juliet (Romeo and Juliet). If you are like me and you like tragic women, then there is no substitute is Ophelia from ‘Hamlet’, strange since I have not read ‘Hamlet’ nor seen an […]

Zoe Mozert: Touch of Lilac

Pin Up art is one of the best modern (at least a favourite of mine) art form. The glorification of the female form, playfulness and in my opinion definitely not misogynist. What is curious to note, during the ‘Golden Age’ of pin up art, the bulk of these artists were male. One female member was […]

Back in Black

Colour of the night, mourning and the great concealer of bodily flaws. Black is the new black, is the same old black. Why people say X is the new black is ludicrous, normally this is when the fashion magazines are trying to push what ever the latest fad trend onto the public. Nothing will be […]

Forgotten Ghosts of New Orleans

Has had a true love affair with the City of New Orleans, thanks to Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite since I was 15. Though I have never had the pleasure of visiting the Big Easy, it has everything on paper that I love; History, the Supernatural, a strong identity and an appreciation of the […]

In The Pink

Continuing with the theme of bags of colour. A flash pink can add a nicely frivolous edge to any outfit, although an entire outfit of pink on an adult can make one look like Katie Price! Elsa Schiaperelli Evening Bag- Delicate and shockingly pink, it can only be an Elsa Schiaparelli bag. Granted it is […]

The Red Sunset of Kyoto

Since as far back as I can recall, I have been enchanted by Japan. Though I have never been there, it has such a rich culture, history, culinary traditions and just the right amount of kitsch. Located on the island of Honshu, Kyoto was once theĀ imperial capital and in 1994 became an UNESCO heritage site. […]

Coveted Bag: Hermes Sac Mallette Bag

Is a bit of a sucker for vintage style bags, the structure, handle length and the method of closing. They are so elegant and make me go weak at the knees. So the Hermes Sac Mallette ticks allot of boxes. First, the general shape is stunning, sleek and very chic. The top handle is a […]