My Favourite Feminine Finds

Has often wondered why some accessories stay in style and some are just forgotten. Normally something returns to the public consciousness by some skinny starlet needing some publicity, wearing what their stylist has told them to. Cynicism aside, I believe that if something is beautiful and you like it, then use it regardless of whether it is popular or not.  Some of these items I am lucky enough to own, some are more aspirational.

Parasol- In England, umbrellas are compulsory given our shitty weather. So some  may find the idea of using an umbrella in the sun strange. However given that we are constantly told about the dangers of the sun, a parasol is a chic way of staying out of the ray. Sadly since they are not so easy to get a hold of one, you do have to hunt them down. In many parts of Asia, paper parasols like the one pictured, are more common so you should be able to find a style that you like.

Dita parasol

Fan-  Why more people don’t use a hand held fan during summer will always be a mystery! They have been used for hundreds of years and there was even a language of fans, where ladies would communicate with possible suitors, passing on messages etc. They are light, effective and stylish. Plus waving a beautiful fan, with your hair flying looks COOL.

Crimson fan

Perfume Bottles- Few accessories are as sensual and evocative as perfume. For thousands of years perfume was used to entice a lover, cover up BO and create a mood. The bottles can be very beautiful and refilled with whatever scent you desire. Ebay would the ideal place to look for these forgotten gems.

Antique Perfume holder

Cats Eyes Sunglasses- Sunnies have always been in style and very necessary for protecting your eyes from the sun and hiding a hangover. However the CE style shades are my personal favourite, very retro friendly and feminine. Now they are not to everyone’s taste, still there is only one way to find out.


Compact-Be it powder or plain mirror. Compacts are not only beautiful but a good aid for flirting (apply lipstick, using a mirror infront of your intended victim), or looking behind you. Since they are not being made on mass you do have to look about for them.

30'3 french compact

Polka Dots- Is dotty about Polka dots, what is there not to love? They are chic, timeless and they are flattering for all body types. Plus they are not restrictive to any season so they can be enjoyed all year round. Fellas if you dare, you too can pull off ‘dots’. You just need to get the right colour combination and dot size.

Polka dot Mosh

Cherry- Slightly more kitsch the polka dots, cherries are still rather cute. While other fruit patterns can be rather hit and miss and date easily. Cherry is more resilient and naughty; cherry has always been seen as a sensual fruit (popping cherry anyone?).

Cherry picking

Asian Inspiration- Admittedly ‘Asian’ is a rather generic term given to dragon print, Geisha and Kimono inspired pieces etc. Still regardless of the name or where they come from, allot of Asian fabrics and prints are timeless and have been around for hundreds of years (seriously doubts that’s European outfits of only 200 years could hold their appeal as well as those from the East). They are also good if you are not comfortable showing off lots of flesh, since many popular outfits are well covered but not stuffy.

China girl

Maribou Nightgown- Not really for outdoor use (unless you are truly brave), more suited for sensual home wear or for simple seduction. Sadly you only seem to see MN in pin up pictures or any retro lingerie brochures. Still I believe that they are more beautiful then the more accessible maribou slippers and will work to bring them back!

maribou dita



  1. Parasols, fans, and compact mirrors are staples of many Japanese women 🙂 I also consider them to be essential items.

    1. Another reason to be envious of Japanese women! Are parasols expensive there?

  2. I have the polka dots, cherries and a cheongsam (not all in one…). I think that a parasol would be a fantastic statement for people with fair skin. The fan, oh I would love a fan — but I would be terrified of breaking it. Perfume bottle – check! Maribou sheds, but I am sure my inexpensive piece was not well-made. The compact is beautiful – I just have a boring mirror. (Time to scour the vintage shops). What a fun post for the morning! Thank you. XO

    1. You are very welcome, though you clearly don’t need any help!

      1. A reminder of what you have and a prompt to use them is a great help! Creativity bounces.

  3. […] fabulous Blogger: the Handbag-Fetishist, had a post about Favourite Feminine Finds and dievca realized that she was missing a piece of glamour –  A Compact.  dievca’s […]

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