Catherine D’Lish: Pour the Champagne

In the case of Burlesque star Catherine D’Lish, pouring the Champagne is not just a tipple, it is a way of life. This voluptuous vixen has been stripping and writhing in a giant saucer Champagne glass for about twenty years (Flutes are no good for wriggling in, where is the room to spin in?). If this MO sounds familiar it because D’Lish has been stripping along side and even with Dita Von Teese. Can you imagine seeing these two delightful sirens trying to ‘outstrip’ each other! They are best friends and D’Lish even attended Von Teese’s beautiful but doomed wedding.

For Playboy’s 50th anniversary bash, it was D’Lish delighting the crowd with her elaborate costumes and sauciness. She is not only a gifted tease artist but she also a highly sought after designer of beautiful outfits, including pal Von Teese. If you are dying to have a piece D’Lish’s, you can go to Fabulous where you can purchase some of her designs. They have a shop outside of Los Angeles if live close by.

She also appears in Alison Grist’s documentary ‘Burlesque Undressed’; speaking about Burlesque and showcasing her Spider Web and signature Champagne glass routines.

Catherine D'lish glass

Catherine D'lish peacock

Catherine D'lish rouge


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