Worshipping The Ground You Walk On

Some may find feet repulsive, true, a pair that have been neglected are not a pretty sight. If you are like me, a nice pair of feet that have been taken care of are a real treat. Of course we are all familiar with the appeal of high heels and does to a certain extent hide any podiatry imperfections. However to have a pair of desirable tootsies takes time and effort, if you are prepared output in the the hard work there maybe a very pleasant after effect.

Foot Fetishism is when a person finds intense sexual gratification from another’s feet often going hand-in-with Shoe Fetishism. Some enjoy giving a foot massage, some may wish to suck your toes and others like to masturbate using someone’s feet as, well an aid. So some this may think this sound really gross and weird. However is it really so unusual?

Think about it anatomically, feet are pact with many nerve endings, so they are already on the right path for a sensory high. Plus who does not find a beautiful pair of stiletto shoes sexy? Have you ever seen a sexy photo-shot where a siren is rocking a pair of comfortable flats? Exactly. There is something erotic and romantic about having someone who rubs and kiss your feet and virtually worships the ground upon which you walk on. Sounds appealing….

rouge noir toes

cherry toes

martini coloured feet



  1. I don’t have a foot fetish, but I love feet. They are an amazing piece of our bodies. At one point, I took the medical school exams to become a Podiatrist — 9 schools in the US and none located by me (at the time)….
    A good pedicure is a joy and shows off sandals beautifully!

  2. well I have a big foot fetish and I love those toes…yummy

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