What We Crave At Night

Has chosen to focus on more gothic art for this entry, specifically a darker, more sexually implicit style of art. While there are countless pieces of gothic art, these are my favourite. The myth of the Vampire is a rather especial one (if you ever read the works of Anne Rice or Poppy Z Brite, you know that vampires are smooth at seduction); the idea of ‘having’ a virgin, biting her neck (a erogenous area) feeling her pulse, and draining her of her life force. The fact that they are ageless helps with their sex appeal. However the penultimate sexual predators of myth are the Incubus and Succubus. Incubi are male predators who ravage women in the night; with a Succubus being the female equivalent. They were used to explain night orgasms or other sexual desires that happen when the sun goes down.

Le Vampire d’Opiate- Albert D’Matignon

Albert Matignon Le Vampire d'opiate

Incubus Leaving a Woman – Johann Heinrich Fussili

Johann Heinrich Fussli Incubus leaving woman

The Vampire- Philip Burne Jones

'The Vampire' Burne Jones



  1. I really like the concept! Twisted and beautiful 🙂

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