Coveted Bag: Delvaux Brilliant GM Bag

Delvaux is not as high profiled as Louis Vuitton or Goyard; however it is the oldest luxury leather goods company in the Europe. With such a rich heritage, in comes as no surprise that Dita Von Teese owns a GM classic. This is a timeless bag, compact and with sufficient depth for all your essentials. There is like many bags, an additional strap so to carry the bag over your shoulder. The front buckle is an understated feature plus a secure way of ensuring that the contents of your bag are safe from pickpockets. The top handle is a feature on bags that I am very partial to, they can be very dainty and never age with time.

Would I procure such bag? It is a very expensive bag (in the thousands easily), unless I were to find an oil reserve in my garden, I cannot see it happening. Still if it were bought for me, I would accept (it would be rude to refuse such a gift).

devlaux black brilliant gm

delvaux red brilliant gm

Dita Von Teese wears an all black ensemble at LAX Airport


One comment

  1. That is a gorgeous bag. Very classic lines.

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