Iman: Regal on the Catwalk

Following on from my previous entry about the lack of poise and grace for most modern models, in my not so humble opinion (my blog, my prerogative) the only model who captured the same qualities as Dovima is Iman.

Born and raised in Somalia, Iman Abdulmajid was spotted in Nairobi by Peter Beard while she at university. Struck by her majestic features she quickly landed a Vogue cover in 1976. For thirty plus years she has posed for all the most high profiled photographers (Newton, Leibovitz, Penn and Avedon) and when Yves Saint Laurent asked who his dream woman he had only one name, Iman. Calvin Klein, Versace, Donna Karen, Issey Miyake and Halston Have also taken Iman as their inspiration.

More than just a mere beauty, Iman was one of the first people to create make up for women of more varied skin tones (ethically speaking). Based on her own experience of finding appropriate coverage. Philanthropy is another part of Iman’s appeal, she has been involved with multiple children’s charities. Not forgetting her involvement against conflict diamonds. Given that she had a juicy contract for De Beers at the time, she could have easily have over looked that inconvenient fact and just counted her money. Proving that she is willing to lighten her pocket against practices she find unpalatable.

Not only is Iman a staggeringly beautiful woman, frankly any woman who can bag David Bowie and hold onto him for over 20 years, must be special. There is truth that in the fashion industry, woman of non caucasion ethnicity are very few and far between. When you compare her to her younger counterpart Naomi Campbell did she encounter less rascism then Campbell, unlikely. Yet she does not assault those around, throw tantrum and behave like a petulant child. Iman has conducted herself with grace, with an almost regal poise.


remember the times iman

iman supermodel


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  1. An absolutely lovely Lady and more importantly a good person face-to-face.

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