Coveted Bag: Hermes Sac Mallette Bag

Is a bit of a sucker for vintage style bags, the structure, handle length and the method of closing. They are so elegant and make me go weak at the knees. So the Hermes Sac Mallette ticks allot of boxes. First, the general shape is stunning, sleek and very chic. The top handle is a classic feature and never looks cumbersome. The bottom compartment is an unusual touch and would be ideal for storing jewellery and other little goodies.

Unfortunately this is kind of an ugly duckling compared to the more popular swan bags like the Kelly or Birkin, and I believe that these are not made anymore. So if Hermes was not expensive enough you have to content with the rarity, adding a few extra zeros to the price no doubt.

While this is rather too long in the body for me, but if I were a bit taller I would salivate over this exquisite piece of Hermes history.

Hermes Mallett sacHermes Malette rouge

Hermes Malette storage



  1. Interesting. It reminds me of a Doctor’s Bag. House-calls anyone?

    1. If there is a Dr who uses this as their ‘doc bag’, I WANT THAT DOC!

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