In The Pink

Continuing with the theme of bags of colour. A flash pink can add a nicely frivolous edge to any outfit, although an entire outfit of pink on an adult can make one look like Katie Price!

Elsa Schiaperelli Evening Bag- Delicate and shockingly pink, it can only be an Elsa Schiaparelli bag. Granted it is very small so you can only credits cards, cash and a few slender essential. Having said that I am a sucker for Schiaparelli so would not dismiss outright.

pink evening

Hermes Bombay Bay- Have only recently heard of this rather unusual member of the Hermes repetoire. Regardless this one is a beautiful shade of pink. However my biggest problem is the length of the bag, it simply too long for my needs. A very high end treat from someone.

hermes pink bombay

Chanel Kelly Bag- Where bags and Kelly are concerned, Hermes is the most renowned, but it is not the only one. Chanel does their own version of this iconic bag. As a Chanel devotee this is an easy sell for me, compact and effortlessly lovely.

chanel kelly


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