Back in Black

Colour of the night, mourning and the great concealer of bodily flaws. Black is the new black, is the same old black. Why people say X is the new black is ludicrous, normally this is when the fashion magazines are trying to push what ever the latest fad trend onto the public. Nothing will be the new black. Ok. Done.

Vanity Box bag Moschino- A newer bag, but still charming. Definitely an evening bag, unless you carry very little stuff with you. Would snazz up any outfit and make a nice conversation piece.

Moschino Vanity bag

Vintage Celine- More of an aspiration (the price tag brings a tear to my eye), so be content with this lovely bag that will not date. Nice leather, chic clasp and reasonable depth.

celine vintage

Vintage Hermes- Ah Hermes, a super fine creator of exquisite bags. Not sure of the name for this gem, but it is still delightful. Have never seen any evening bag by Hermes, this is clearly one. Plus the inner compartments are designed in a way that you could only store so much in each section.

Hermes 60's

Safety Pin Clutch Bodhi- Quirky and tasteful, if the price had been reason I might have been tempted to buy this treat. Sadly as a more obscure label it was difficult to find and of course no mention of the price. Another handbag dream….




  1. Hi, the Bohdi Safety Pin Clutch was originally $495.00 it is on sale for $149.00 in purple and yellow. The black studded Bohdi bag is divine. There are Ostrich Skin in Green and Fuchsia leather on eBay. After a quick look it seems like every Lady is holding on to their black 🙂 XO

    1. Thanks for that, will have a look through xx

      1. The first two were on the Bohdi website. Look under the US website for eBay. Smile ~
        That bag is cool. I would love the Hermes or Celine, too.

      2. Maybe your master might treat you for being such a good sub x

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