Zoe Mozert: Touch of Lilac

Pin Up art is one of the best modern (at least a favourite of mine) art form. The glorification of the female form, playfulness and in my opinion definitely not misogynist. What is curious to note, during the ‘Golden Age’ of pin up art, the bulk of these artists were male. One female member was Zoe Mozert.

Born Alice Adelaide Moser,  Mozert painted many magazine covers and even the art work of Jane Russell in ‘The Outlaw’. Even used herself as a model, with the aid of mirrors and camera. As far as the differences between male pin up artists and female; there is nothing meaningful to tell the two apart. While Mozert was more fond of pastel usage, the content is identical. Frankly her being a woman does not mean that her appreciation for the feminine form should have been affected because she was a straight woman.

The ‘Big Four’ of classic pin up were Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgren, Rolf Armstrong and Mozert. All were gifted artists who’s talent transcended the times and attitudes of the day, without them we would not have Olivia De Berardinis and all the other erotic artists we have today.

Zoe mozert purple

Zoe-Mozert ballerina

zoe mozert burlesque



  1. I love these pieces! Very nice.

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