Coveted Bag: Loewe Amazona Bag

Spanish designer Loewe has been a constant presence in the worid of leather goods since 1846 (making it one of the oldest luxury leather companies in the world). With such a vast history, you would think that to choose just one bag would be nearly impossible. Having said that, the Amazona bag is such a treat that it HAS to be the winner.

Everything about this bag fulfils my personal requirement and pickiness, the handle length, depth and style are flawless. You would never need to worry about this darling ageing disgracefully and given that it is Loewe’s staple bag, it is likely to be available in a colour and finish that will suit everyone wants. If you feel that you need more space (it is not exactly stingy on storage), sadly I don’t believe that it comes in any other size.

Given that this is part of the ‘Coveted’ collection, it does have a wallet melting price of £1,000 and upwards. If I was able to find a spare grand down the back of my sofa, I would grab a charming Amazona.

loewe amazona black

loewe amazona red

Loewe-Amazona pink


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