Jessica Rabbit Lives! Vikki Dougan

Where cartoon pin ups are concerned there is no substitute to the feminine charms of Jessica Rabbit. So I am sure you would like to know who inspired the creation of the ultimate woman, Vikki Dougan.

Not as famous as Bettie Page or some of the other 50’s models, Dougan worked for approximatly 10 years. She is most famous for a collection of photos where she strolls down the street in a sensual backless dress. At the time, these images were considered scandalous by Hollywood high society. Now they are viewed as very tame and frankly you see more skin showing on ‘Songs of Praise’. Having said that, the beauty of these images has not diminished and neither has Dougan. Even though the end of the 50’s meant the end of her career, a cartoon siren brought her back. Jessica Rabbit was modelled on her style (Veronica Lake was the inspiration for her seductive hair do), lead to a new generation of fans admiring Dougan. The Back is Back.

Vikki Dougan elegant

Vikki D poise

vikki D back



  1. Her waist is tiny! She’s gorgeous 🙂

  2. The black dress is fabulous! Who wouldn’t look at her? XO

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