Monthly Archives: January 2014

Yafah Shalom Harlow

Shalom Harlow may not be as famous as her fellow waif Kate Moss, she certainly is not as infamous or ‘rock and roll’. Having said that, she is a striking and stunning woman¬†(Shalom is Hebrew for peace hence using Yafah which is means beautiful), Plus how can you not be charmed by a woman who […]

Naturally Pink

In the eyes of some, showcasing when nature cultivates pink may seem limiting. As you can see from the pictures below, not only does it frequently occur, it shows up is some strange places. Who would have believed that there is such thing as a pink beach and not have it be a result of […]

Helmut Newton: Vogue Voyeur

What could be a more enticing mixture than erotically themed images and beautiful high quality photographs? Not much if you are like me. So lets thank the ‘King of Kink’ Helmut Newton. Being born to a Jewish German family in 1920, Newton was initially enchanted by photography. His talent became a minor concern thanks to […]

Oh Make Me Over!

Think of this as a follow up/expansion on my previous entry ‘My Favourite Feminine Finds’. Vintage totems of glamour that have been sadly relegated to the cellar of fashion, are back where they deserve (at least on the site anyway). Lipstick Cases- Before 1915 lipsticks were sold in paper tubes, which meant that carrying your […]

Karen Elson: The Chicest Ghost

It not many people who take a childhood taunt and turn it into a song about love and loss. Well that is what Supermodel/Musician Karen Elson managed to do. Born and raised in Oldham, Lancashire. Elson was a not a ‘typical teen’ with her pale complexion and slender appearance, she was branded ‘The Ghost’ by […]

Tightlacing Maestro: Mr Pearl

Need a magnificent corset for your opulent and decadent gown? If you are a showgirl, couturier or high end fetishist; there is only one man Mr Pearl. More like a rare and exotic creature than a mere mortal. Mr Pearl creates and crafts corsets for some of the most extravagant designers John Galliano, Theirry Mugler, […]

Columbian Basin Pygmy Rabbit: Little Pixies

After several nature based entries, it is time to reveal my other great love, beside handbags, glamour and feministic fancies. Rabbits. No not those kinds of Rabbits. Since I had a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit as a child, I have developed a true love with these little, sociable sweet creatures. When people ask ‘are you a […]

I Dream of Tapirs

Illusive and shy, the Tapir is a rather peculiar creature; with features similar to that of a horse, a rather pronounced nose and splayed hooved toes. Found in South, Central America and a few areas of Asia, this solitary forest dweller grazes on fruits and leaves. Some may find them to be ‘weird’ or ‘odd’. […]

Agent Provocateurs: Jean Paul Gaultier & Dita Von Teese

There have been many a Couturier and muse pairing. Hubert de Givenchy had Audrey Hepburn, ¬†Hermes had Jane Birkin and Yves Saint Laurent had Loulou de la Falaise. Now Jean Paul Gaultier has Dita Von Teese. This is a far from surprising union, both have a taste for extravagance, fetishism and, well, neither are shy. […]

Is There A Doctor In The House?

If I had to choose one bag design that is criminally underrated, it would be the Doctors bag. As the name implies, the doctors bag was originally used by doctors to carry their tools, medicines etc from patient to patient. Over time designers saw the potential of the Docs bag to be not just the […]