Coveted Bag: Christian Dior Top Flat Satchel

Are you desiring a handbag that oozes glamour with plenty of Parisian chic? Then cast your eyes on this divine Dior Top Flat Satchel. Not as famous as their Lady Dior but I think it is far superior (and less likely to counterfeited). A much more recent addition, from the 2010 Resort collection I believe. The handles are perfect, fastener is chic and like most if the bags featured in ‘coveted bag’ will never date. However the one problem I can detect is that the Satchel is not very deep, so I am doubtful that it would make a good day bag.

With all the pros and cons weighted up, if I were a rich bitch. I might be temped to buy the gem, though I would not be surprised if this bag was priced in the thousands, so will have to resist for some time.

Dior flat satchel bag

CD top handle effect

CD top handle snake


One comment

  1. Oh, I very much like this bag! I think you are right it looks a little smaller depth-wise.

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