Leonor Fini: Something Shocking

Leonor Fini was an Argentine Surrealist artist who had many influencial  supporters such as Max Ernst, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali and Georges Batailles.

She was the designer of the now iconic bottle for Elsa Schiaparelli ‘Shocking’ perfume.  If that was not enough achievement she also designed costumes and decorations for Opera, theatre and ballet. She also wrote three novels, Rogomelec, Monmour and Contes Pour Enfant Velu & Oneiropompe. Her skills included designing for films ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Walk with Love and Death’. Clearly Fini was a gifted artist who could apply her talent to so many mediums.

Outside of her professional achievement, she was one of the most photographed women and was no wall flower about her personal style. Clearly at ease in post war Paris, she was known to not only dressing like a man but also for wearing a cafe of feathers, a pair of white boots and nothing else! Fini was a rather dominant character who became more and more narcissistic as time went on. Though I doubt she was any worse than Dali, a man in love with his own mythology. Unlike Dali, Fini’s art value decreased as time went on, Fini dies in 1996.

Sadly Fini is all bit forgotten now. A great shame as she was a remarkable woman of talent, style and vision. One day, hopefully, she will gain the same legacy as Dali.

Le Serure

LF softness

LF Baudelaire

Extreme night


One comment

  1. How beautiful! I have not seen Leonor Fini’s work or photographs of her. I am going on a quest to see more. Thank you for the great post.

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