Coveted Bag: Lulu Guinness Lip Clutch

If quirky, witty and cute bags are your bag (pun very much intended), then Lulu Guinness is your Bag Lady. With her feminine, kitsch and elegant delights, Guinness has been beguiling fans and fashionistas (Helena Bonham Carter and Dita Von Teese are just a few of the famous fans) for over twenty years. Of all her many designs, her most iconic and recognisable bag is her Lips Clutch.

Fancy a more varied colour for your Lip Clutch? There has been a whole variety of colours, textures and themes (Union Jack etc). While Clutches are always chic. For £245, many would feel that unless you are a professional partygoer; it may not be a clever use of funds. Would I buy these lovely lips? As charming as their are, I would rather pay that amount for a more day to day that will be used more freely.

LG lip clutch

Helena BC LG Lips

Dita LG red lips


One comment

  1. I love it! Kisses XO

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