Daphne Guinness: I Don’t Approach Fashion. Fashion Approaches Me

With the mainstream media’s rabid critique of anyone and everyone’s dress sense, it is easy to discourage others from dressing in a flamboyant and daring manner.  It takes a true trailblazer to stick their head above the parapet and be willing to submit to aggressive criticism. Enter designer, muse, collector, model and artist Daphne Guinness.

Daphne Guinness was always destined for a unique things. Born into THE Guinness, her grandmother was Diana Mitford (a Mitford Sister and noted Tatler journalist) and her mother Suzanne Lisney was an artist. It will come as no surprise that her youth was spent was luxury at the family’s homes including near the coast in Barcelona. Her neighbours included Salvador Dali and Man Ray. Could this have been where her more artistic inclination began? Incidentally her son Stavros Niarchos III (from her marriage to Spyros Niarchos) dated Paris Hilton for several years.

If her style seems familiar that would be due to one of her biggest fans; Lady Gaga. For all of her ‘uniqueness’ Gaga is not really an original. Guinness was manoeuvring herself in her own style long before it was Gaga (she has been on many Best Dressed Lists since 1994). Her preference is for tight trousers, VERY high heels and any piece that is strange yet beautiful. She also procured the Late Isabella Blow’ wardrobe (who was equally matched sartorially) after Blow killed herself. Sadly she also lost another close friend to suicide, Alexander McQueen, the second picture down is Guinness as McQueen’s funeral. Guinness has worked with MAC, Karl Lagerfeld, Pugh, NARS and Philip Treacey. Has been photographed by legendary photographer Dave LaChapelle, appeared on the cover of Vogue twice.If all these credentials was Not enough, Guinness has designed and created over 100 pieces of jewellery centred on her passion for armour. Has acted in the 2011 film ‘The Murder of Jean Seberg’.

Charity wise Guinness auctions off Blow’s wardrobe and the money raised went to the Isabella Blow Foundation. Plus she auctioned of some of her own high end pieces for Womankind Worldwide, a British based charity that deals with womens’s issues both foreign and domestic.

Think I speak for many when I say that Daphne Guinness is a tremendous specimen of femininity and is the modern incarnate of Marchesa Luisa Casati.

Dark Queen

Daphne G McQ funeral

Daphne Guinness


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  1. Love this woman….such a strong look and she rescued Isabella’s wardrobe from being scattered and allowed us to enjoy it too….if only for the duration of the exhibition at Somerset House.

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