Is There A Doctor In The House?

If I had to choose one bag design that is criminally underrated, it would be the Doctors bag. As the name implies, the doctors bag was originally used by doctors to carry their tools, medicines etc from patient to patient. Over time designers saw the potential of the Docs bag to be not just the tools of a physician, but could be a stylish accessory. With a generous depth, chic handle length and very adaptable exterior; it would be easy to make this less clinical and more chic. I do own a doctor bag style bag, it is effortless for day to day usage and with the right materials and finish. I believe anyone can wear it well.


Louis Vuitton Dr

Prada Dr-Bag-Limited-Edition-Kuwait-360



  1. I love the color of the first bag and the shape of the second. Very elegant.

    1. The first bag is from Marc by Marc Jacobs (think it is current) and the second is Louis Vuitton. I agree the shape of LV is very chic.

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