Columbian Basin Pygmy Rabbit: Little Pixies

After several nature based entries, it is time to reveal my other great love, beside handbags, glamour and feministic fancies. Rabbits. No not those kinds of Rabbits. Since I had a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit as a child, I have developed a true love with these little, sociable sweet creatures. When people ask ‘are you a dog or cat person’ I say ‘neither, a bunny person’. Due to my current circumstances owning a bunny is not a viable option, so I have decided to share the plight of a wild rabbit that really does need to be helped and protected.

The Columbian Basin Pygmy Rabbit is native to tiny area of Columbian Basin in Washington State, USA. These tiny Rabbits (the smallest in the world) are highly endangered due to the loss of habitats and predators. Measures are being taken with captive breeding, however with such a small gene pool to choose from (and to avoid inbreeding complications); Oregon Zoo began to cross breed Columbian Pygmy Rabbits with Idaho Pygmy Rabbits with some success.

Hopefully enough can be done to keep these charming animals alive for many for years. Even though these are not as high profiled as other endangered species such as Rhinos and Tigers, they are worth saving.

pygmy_rabbit II

Pygmy bunny

Columbian Pygmy bunny


One comment

  1. Oh, my, they are so petite. Sweet. Thank you for the smile.

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