Tightlacing Maestro: Mr Pearl

Need a magnificent corset for your opulent and decadent gown? If you are a showgirl, couturier or high end fetishist; there is only one man Mr Pearl.

More like a rare and exotic creature than a mere mortal. Mr Pearl creates and crafts corsets for some of the most extravagant designers John Galliano, Theirry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Christian Lacroix and Chloe.  If you still crave more glamour connections, he also has collaborated with Kylie Minogue and works very closely with Dita Von Teese.

Do you desire one of these majestic creations? Sadly the odds of owning such a treasure are smaller than his corseted waist. He is notoriously picky who he works with and can only be reached by fax. How fantastic it must be to work with whom ever you want on your own terms.

Mr Pearl is also capable of training his waist to a breath taking 18 inches (See top picture). The art of waist training (or tight lacing), is a basically when a person trains their waist by wearing corsets to gradually reduce their waist size. Pearl wear his corsets 24 hours a day 7 days a week (the only times he removes it is when bathes) must take the waist in a MINIMUM of 3 inches.

A corseted waist is one of the most divine sights, so soft if form, hard in practice. So a man who also can take the discipline and time and turn it into a form of art is a very intriguing being.

Mr Pearl tightlacing

Mr pearl for DVT shows

Mr pearl stellar


One comment

  1. Wow! I have actually considered using to corset to train my waist back into a stronger shape — I don’t think that I have the discipline. Gorgeous creations.

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